I hereby authorize the repair of the vehicle identified above by you, together with the furnishing by you of the necessary parts and other material for such repair and agree that you are not responsible for any delays caused by unavailability or delayed availability of parts or material for any reason; that you neither assume nor authorize any other person to assume for you any liability in connection with such repair; that your employees may operate the above vehicle on streets, highways, or elsewhere for the purpose of testing and/or inspecting such vehicle. I’m aware that a $20 fuel fee may be incurred for test driving for low fueled vehicles. You can access information from the vehicle systems and can share that information with the insurer; that an express mechanic’s lien is hereby acknowledged on said vehicle to secure the amount of repairs thereto and I further agree to reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs in the event that legal action is necessary to enforce this contract.

    If the body shop does not receive payment in full from the insurance company within 30 days of the notification of completion of repairs on the vehicle, or the insurance company denies payment for any repair or part thereof, I agree that I will pay the entire unpaid balance within 15 days of billing. I understand that this is an agreement between me and the body shop and that I am responsible to the body shop for payment of any and all cost and expenses to repair the vehicle. I further agree that upon notification by telephone that the repairs are completed, I will remove the vehicle from the body shop premises within 48 hours or storage fees of $75.00 per day (or part of any day) will accrue. Certain, if not all, repairs listed on the Estimate(s) may be the subject of a claim made to insurance company(s). I/We authorize the insurance company involved to pay the body shop the full amount of the Estimate and any supplemental Estimates approved by either me or the insurance company. The payment(s) for the repairs is to be paid directly to and without any encumbrance to the body shop. I understand that any payments received by me from any insurance company concerning the incident that lead to the damage of the vehicle are to be immediately turned over to the body shop (except payments specifically naming personal injury on the check).

    I acknowledge that the total estimate of repairs includes all parts, labor, handling and diagnosis and agree that if closer analysis finds that additional repairs are necessary, I agree to approve additional supplemental repairs that will be paid for by the insurance company. I understand that if I want replaced parts from my vehicle, I will inform you before work begins. I understand that I will be contacted for authorization if the amount I must pay will be increased. I agree that I need not sign for any other repairs to be made so long as I have approved the repairs via telephone or the insurance company representative authorizes the repairs. I acknowledge that acceptable forms of payment include insurance checks, cash, acceptable credit card or cashier checks. Please do not cash or deposit insurance checks (other than checks for personal injury) as they contain information necessary to process your claim(s). For consideration of repairs made to this vehicle, I hereby grant power of attorney to sign or endorse checks and/or drafts made payable to me and any release thereto, as settlement for my claim for damage to this vehicle.

    Under certain circumstances such as fire, theft or other cause out of their control, Collision Works of Glen Burnie (CWGB) may not be responsible for loss or damage to motor vehicle or articles left in the vehicle housed at CWGB. You have a right to ask a CWGB representative about the extent of its responsibility, including the extent of the insurance coverage of the automotive repair facility. CWGB is not responsible for valuables left in the vehicle including money, CDs, cell phones or other personal electronic devices, etc.

    Privacy Policy: Your information will not be sold to any party outside of our direct control. Any personally identifiable information (PII) and all information regarding you and/or repairs is strictly confidential.